Simply a Great Ride


for photographers, event spectators, families and friends


Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay

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2018 Upgrades


Simply a great ride.

Newport Folk Festival 2019
Cruise Ship anchored, drive by
Spectator Boat

Set yourself free to chase the race. Go where and when you want to go. From the smallest Opti sailboats to the prestigious America's Cup boats and everthing in between. Be at the start, round the marks, and be at the finish.  

Photography Charter
Professional Race Chaser - Fast Boat - Trusted driver

Captain Doug, Captain for Hire. Among the best chase boat drivers in the business. Experienced, trusted, uniquely qualified, gutsy when required and always safety first. 

Rounding the mark J Class World 2017
Along side Lionheart J Class Worlds
Brenton Cove, videographers
Onne van der Wal J Worlds 2017